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Surfing in Manly

One thing that has been on my bucket list since the start was to go surfing in Manly. It is very cliché because Manly is one of the most well-known beaches around Sydney and very touristic but I think since I am living here for a year I can‘t leave without doing it once.

The surf forecast seemed pretty good for Monday so my friends Lara and Caroline and me took the train to Circular Quay and from there the ferry that goes to Manly. We rented boards in a surfshop next to the beach and went surfing for two hours. The surf was better than I expected and we really enjoyed it.

Sunrise in Cronulla

This morning I got up at 5:40 to go to Cronulla to watch the sunrise with some friends. When we left the house it was still super dark outside and a little bit chilly so we all took a jumper to wear over our uniforms. Arriving in Cronulla there were already surprisingly many people jogging along the water front and of course a lot of surfers enjoying the good swell. As the dark started to fade the sky was turned into a pink-orange light and the view was amazing and once the sun rose it was a breathtaking scenery. Definetly a great way to start the day!






Sunday Açai

Sunday I went surfing in the morning together with my friend Lara. It was pretty windy so the surf was not very easy but we still had some good waves 🙂

After surfing I bought an açai bowl at a very cute store named D Bowls Cronulla which had a very pretty interior design and then we went to watch a friend‘s baseball game 🙂

Sporty Sunday

Today is Sunday. After the swell was too high and the sea too turbulent to surf yesterday, I gave it another try today. I started my day with a selfmade berry smoothie bowl with some granola.

I arrived twenty minutes prior to my lesson so I sat down on the stones and watched some of the professional surfers.


The surf school initially planned to go surfing at North Cronulla but there was a lot of water moving around which made the sea unsettled and hard to surf. So we went surfing at South Cronulla where the water was a lot calmer and the conditions good for surfing.

After surfing I used the time to do a try-out session at a gym not far from Cronulla.

Gym outfit 🙂 haha

And now I have to return to the usual Sunday routine, meaning doing homework and preparing for school.