Month: March 2018

Sunrise in Cronulla

This morning I got up at 5:40 to go to Cronulla to watch the sunrise with some friends. When we left the house it was still super dark outside and a little bit chilly so we all took a jumper to wear over our uniforms. Arriving in Cronulla there were already surprisingly many people jogging along the water front and of course a lot of surfers enjoying the good swell. As the dark started to fade the sky was turned into a pink-orange light and the view was amazing and once the sun rose it was a breathtaking scenery. Definetly a great way to start the day!






World‘s Greatest Shave

Today we had a really special event in school. This year marks the 20th anniversary of “World‘s Greatest Shave”. Since 1998 Australians shave their heads to help beat blood cancer. The idea of the event is to sign up as a participant to get sponsored to shave or color your hair and thereby support Australians with blood cancer like leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma. The raised money will provide practical and emotional support and additionally fund the research that will save lives. So today after assembly we all came together in the hall and all the people who got their hair cut or heads shaved were on stage. There were several boys shaving their heads including a boy from my year. Two girls in my year cut of a big part of their hair to donate it and there was one girl that even shaved her head. Later at lunch you could get your hair colored with colorful hair dye and hence donate some money. I have so much respect for the people that participated in this event and I hope that the money raised today will help a lot of Australians to beat cancer.

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains have been on my bucket list for a long time and today I finally visited them with some friends. I got up very early because the trip up to the mountains takes three hours but it was definetly worth it. We visited the so called ‘Three Sisters‘ which are a constellation of three rocks next to each other and the view was breath-taking.

The “Three Sisters”

Wedding, friends and sunsets in Cronulla

Last weekend I went surfing in the morning and then dressed up nicely because my host mother’s son got married and we all attended his wedding.

My host father , my American host sister Scarlett, me, my Swiss host sister Luce and my host mother. 🙂

They got married in a art gallery with a beautiful garden.

And on Monday the school week started again.

On the way to school with some of my friends that are also internationals 🙂

On Friday I watched the sunset in Cronulla with some friends and it was amazingly beautiful… the colours of the sky mixed with the ocean-blue ?

Today is Saturday. The surf this morning was a bit rough because there was a lot of water moving around but still a lot of fun! ??‍♀️