Author: Josephina von Blücher

Sunday Açai

Sunday I went surfing in the morning together with my friend Lara. It was pretty windy so the surf was not very easy but we still had some good waves 🙂

After surfing I bought an açai bowl at a very cute store named D Bowls Cronulla which had a very pretty interior design and then we went to watch a friend‘s baseball game 🙂

Mock Up Photos

Friday we had school photos. For my year this meant that we all had single “normal” photos where we wore our uniforms and additionally a “mock up” group photo where everyone dressed up somehow. I went with the hippie theme 🙂

Hippies and Hawaii feat Gatsby photobomb 😉


Sometimes it‘s the little things in life that can make you truely happy. Yesterday I had one of those moments.

It was the first time I took the bus from my new school to my clarinet lesson and I wasn‘t entirely sure how to get there. So I had a bus driver that explained me the way. I had to change the bus at one station and missed it by a minute. So the nice driver of the previous bus passed by on his way back to the station, not in service, to restart the route and stopped to ask me why I was standing there. I told him that I‘d just missed the subsequent bus and waited for the next one. So he asked me where I had to go and told me to hop on and gave me a lift directly to my clarinet lesson. This little act made me really happy and I am just so grateful that there are such amazing people in this world. He was so kind to me and did me a big favor out of nowhere. Happy that people like this exist 🙂


Swimming Carnival

Today is Monday and it was no usual school day but we had a swimming carneval.

According to our last names all the students at the school are divided into houses that are named after the beaches in our area, Shelly, Wanda, Jibbon and Silver. Every house has a color but since I’m year 12 and this was our last carneval we had a different clothing theme which was “when I grow up”.

After the carnival was over a friend gave me a lift home. A big difference to Germany, teenagers are allowed to drive here from 16 on but they have some regulations and stages they have to go through until they get their full license.

Sporty Sunday

Today is Sunday. After the swell was too high and the sea too turbulent to surf yesterday, I gave it another try today. I started my day with a selfmade berry smoothie bowl with some granola.

I arrived twenty minutes prior to my lesson so I sat down on the stones and watched some of the professional surfers.


The surf school initially planned to go surfing at North Cronulla but there was a lot of water moving around which made the sea unsettled and hard to surf. So we went surfing at South Cronulla where the water was a lot calmer and the conditions good for surfing.

After surfing I used the time to do a try-out session at a gym not far from Cronulla.

Gym outfit 🙂 haha

And now I have to return to the usual Sunday routine, meaning doing homework and preparing for school.