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Sunrise in Cronulla

This morning I got up at 5:40 to go to Cronulla to watch the sunrise with some friends. When we left the house it was still super dark outside and a little bit chilly so we all took a jumper to wear over our uniforms. Arriving in Cronulla there were already surprisingly many people jogging along the water front and of course a lot of surfers enjoying the good swell. As the dark started to fade the sky was turned into a pink-orange light and the view was amazing and once the sun rose it was a breathtaking scenery. Definetly a great way to start the day!






Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains have been on my bucket list for a long time and today I finally visited them with some friends. I got up very early because the trip up to the mountains takes three hours but it was definetly worth it. We visited the so called ‘Three Sisters‘ which are a constellation of three rocks next to each other and the view was breath-taking.

The “Three Sisters”

Sunday Açai

Sunday I went surfing in the morning together with my friend Lara. It was pretty windy so the surf was not very easy but we still had some good waves 🙂

After surfing I bought an açai bowl at a very cute store named D Bowls Cronulla which had a very pretty interior design and then we went to watch a friend‘s baseball game 🙂

Swimming Carnival

Today is Monday and it was no usual school day but we had a swimming carneval.

According to our last names all the students at the school are divided into houses that are named after the beaches in our area, Shelly, Wanda, Jibbon and Silver. Every house has a color but since I’m year 12 and this was our last carneval we had a different clothing theme which was “when I grow up”.

After the carnival was over a friend gave me a lift home. A big difference to Germany, teenagers are allowed to drive here from 16 on but they have some regulations and stages they have to go through until they get their full license.