Saturday, 27th August 2017

Saturday, 27th August

I started my weekend by ticking off a point of my bucket list, Luce and me already wanted to do since a long time, trying the famous Australian Vegemite. I have to say that I already expected I wouldn‘t like it and I proofed myself right. Our hostmom advised us to eat it with a toast with butter and only a little bit of Vegemite since it has a very strong flavour. At first it only tastes salty and than it has in my opinion a pretty bad aftertaste. Well now I made the experience…

Doesn‘t look really tasty …

Later on I went to the Paddington Markets with some girls and in the evening we visited the rugby game of the “Sharks” which is the team of Cronulla! They played against the “Roosters” and unfortunately the “Sharks” lost the game in the last ten seconds with a score of 14:16 but we still had a very nice evening and I filmed the day a little bit.

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